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Redi-Rock Ledgestone

Redi-Rock Ledgestone


City Chooses Redi-Rock Ledgestone for Aesthetic Graphicy Solution:

The Challenge
When a sharp turn in a stream began eroding homeowners’ yards, this northern Kentucky city needed a solution, and fast. The proposed storm channel required 13-14ft. high walls, so minimizing excavation in residents’ yards was important.  Aesthetics and cost also played a role in the city’s search for a solution.


“The ability to construct the wall without geogrid reinforcement was critically important to this project,” explained the P.E. who designed the project. The city manager added, “We chose Redi-Rock because we had more finish options, including the new Ledgestone face. Plus, it was very economical.”The Solution

Redi-Rock’s massive, one-ton blocks stacked like giant Legos to harness the power of gravity in this project. The 13.5 ft. high walls did not require any reinforcement, which cut down on excavation time and costs considerably.
Each Ledgestone block has a random pattern which made individual blocks in the wall nearly indistinguishable. The Ledgestone texture also blended in with the native rock in the area, and the precast concrete was colored to give the walls an incredibly natural finish. In total, the 4,800 sq. ft. walls took less than two weeks to install, and the community couldn’t be happier with the new storm channel.